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Janhvi Kapoor opens up on being paranoid about losing parents! Wed May 29th, 2024
Janhvi Kapoor opens up on being paranoid about losing parents!
The actress Sridevi and film producer Boney Kapoor's daughter Janhvi Kapoor, who died in 2018, revealed that she is still processing her mother's death. As a coping mechanism, Janhvi devotes herself entirely to her work. She also discussed her paranoia, acknowledging that she had secretly slipped into her parents' bed at night to make sure they were still breathing.
During a chat on a podcast, Janhvi Kapoor admitted, "I was always paranoid about losing my parents, even at that age. Every time they’d go out at night for an event, or travel for a day without me."
She explained, "Even small things, like they’re shopping at duty free and I’ve boarded the plane with my nanny, I’d always be like, ‘They’re not going to board the flight, they’re not going to come back home’. I’d wake up at night and sometimes go into their room to check if they were breathing. There was a weird paranoia."
Janhvi Kapoor said that her parental instincts have become stronger as she has grown older. She expressed her admiration for the Indian custom of taking care of elderly parents.
She told, "After a certain age, they become our kids. I know that I will give my father a lot more allowances to maybe not be there emotionally for me in a way that I assumed a father should be there, just because I know now it’s my time to be there for him."
“I think we’re too hard on our parents. Everyone’s f**ked up because of their parents, no one has it right. But they’re also messed up because of their parents. No one has followed a handbook, so you need to forgive yourself and forgive them. Just give them love and be there,” she further added.
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