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DOP Jay Oza opens up on Aryan Khan's directing style! Thu May 30th, 2024
DOP Jay Oza opens up on Aryan Khan's directing style!
Cinematographer Jay Oza provided some insights into the creative process of budding filmmaker Aryan Khan, who is presently working on his first streaming series, Stardom. Oza revealed that the choice of Director of Photography (DoP) is ultimately up to the performers. He also related a story about how he was turned down by an actress because of his "beauty lighting" technique.
Cinematographer Jay Oza, along with Shreya Dev Dube, discussed the methods of Aryan Khan, the son of Shah Rukh Khan, with a tabloid.
Oza clarified, “In a film like Raman Raghav 2.0, we all knew what we were aiming for. The nature of the story is that. But for example, the show that I’m doing with Aryan, I cannot take that Raman Raghav approach because that’s visually how I like it."
He further revealed, "Still it is because it is a certain level of comedy, entertainment. Aryan personally likes to see things bright. I have to adapt and even give it to him even if it’s against…”
Oza also said that the performers have the last word when it comes to choosing the Director of Photography. He said, "Eventually, the actors have a say in the DoP. So before we are finalized, the actor has approved us."
He related an experience he had of being turned down by an actress, he said, "I got a call one night from a producer saying that we might have to change the DP because the actress doesn’t like your work, in terms of, you’re great but you can’t do beauty lighting."
Oza further said, "Apparently, the director really wanted me or he was feeling bad that he wasn’t pulling off the plug at 12am when it’s 7am shift."
He then shared, "At 7 am, I woke up to an email from the management telling me how I should light the actress. Of course, my immediate artist’s ego was hurt, but I calmed myself down and told myself that as long as I’m getting my per-day, I shouldn’t get affected. I decided to play it the other way and obey the rules."
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