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Usha Uthup desires to work with Miley Cyrus! Mon February 12th, 2024
Usha Uthup desires to work with Miley Cyrus!
Usha Uthup, a seasoned Indian playback singer, never fails to captivate an audience with her soulful and flexible voice. She recently went viral on the Internet when she covered the song "Flowers," which became an international hit for Miley Cyrus. Her distinctive voice has been praised for the quick viral success of the video. Usha Uthup responded to her viral video in a recent interview, saying she intended to collaborate with the Grammy winner "very soon."
The Grammy Award for this year (2024) was just won by Miley Cyrus's popular song Flowers. Fans have expressed their respect and appreciation for Usha Uthup's performance of the song, which has gone viral. In reaction to the deluge of messages, Uthup revealed to a daily, “I am so thrilled and grateful to the people for loving my version as well. I just sang the song because my daughter Anjali introduced me to it randomly one day. When I heard it, I just loved the song so much.”
Usha Uthup praised Flowers and its lyrics, calling it a "beautiful song with fantastic lyrics." "It’s a new kind of breakup song, but as far as I am concerned, it’s the positivity of woman power. I always end it with a line, ‘I can’t do without your love’, because I must have the love of the audience," she posted. The seasoned singer continued by saying that she feels amazing as a result of her achievement.
Usha Ji showed her respect for Miley Cyrus and her recent Grammy win for the song during the same interview. The 76-year-old told, “I am so excited for Miley Cyrus for getting the Grammy for this song. I can’t wait for her to listen to the song and I hope she would like it. I am sure we will work together very soon.”


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