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Russo Brothers to reveal how Tom Holland was selected for Spider-Man! Wed September 20th, 2023
Russo Brothers to reveal how Tom Holland was selected for Spider-Man!
In a media chat with a tabloid, the reason Tom Holland was chosen to play Spider-Man was disclosed by the Russo brothers. It was made clear by Joe and Anthony Russo that choosing Spider-Man was not a simple task. Holland's career trajectory underwent a significant leap after being selected, making him one of Hollywood's most well-liked actors at the moment.
In the media chat, The head of casting for Marvel, Sarah Halley Finn, was spoken to by the Russo brothers. She introduced them to Holland, they recalled, and mentioned, “This is the guy. You are going to love him.”
Also, the Russo Brothers further revealed, “Sarah (Finn) should get all the credit for casting Holland as Spider-Man; she’s the best in the business and she knows us. We had already done two films with her. So Holland came in. He did his test. We called Sarah straight after and said, ‘Oh, my God, he’s incredible. He’s a movie star: he’s got the charisma; he’s got the range.’ It’s very rare someone walks into a room who has all the elements that make up a bona fide star. Holland had that thing.”
Tom Holland was the ideal actor to play Spider-Man. Elaborating on this, the Russo Brothers revealed, “Plus, Holland’s ability to do a standing backflip right in front of you – that helped!” He further told, “It was the first time Spider-Man had ever been cast as an actual teenager, right? Which was very important to us; there was a distinct nervousness of casting a kid.”
The actor's next project will be the Spider-Man sequel, which has been delayed because of SAG-AFTRA strikes.


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