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Kirsten Dunst opens up about her Civil War scene with hubby Jesse Plemons! Wed April 10th, 2024
Kirsten Dunst opens up about her Civil War scene with hubby Jesse Plemons!
Nick Offerman and Kirsten Dunst are among the cast members of the upcoming dystopian fiction movie Civil War. Jesse Plemons, the star of Spider-Man, makes an appearance in the movie for a "very intense" scene. In a media chat, the actress discusses what it was like to shoot that specific moment.
The Academy Award-nominated actress plays Lee, a photojournalist who is recording the American Civil War as it is happening. As Lee and her companions travel throughout the nation, Plemmons portrays a soldier who halts and asks them questions.
Speaking about the scene, Dunst called it “one of the craziest things she’s ever seen”.
“When we rolled up to set, it was just very, very tense and emotional for everybody filming that scene," she further added.
She described how her husband's acceptance of the difficult task was a favor. "He did a favor for us because that is a really disturbing role to play, so it's not like he was jumping at the chance to play the role," she told the tabloid. Dunst and Plemmons have been married since 2022.
Following Fargo and Power of the Dog, which both received nominations for the 94th Academy Awards, Civil War is the third joint venture. They even reportedly fell in love on the sets!
On April 12, the film will be released in theatres.


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