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Hailee Steinfeld opens up on her new series Hawkeye! Mon January 11th, 2021
Hailee Steinfeld opens up on her new series Hawkeye!
Recently, the Hollywood star Hailee Steinfeld talked about being a part of the new Hawkeye series that is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe aka MCU. She opened up about her new role as a superhero in the forthcoming Disney+ series.
In a media interaction, the actress termed lockdown and quarantine as a blessing in disguise, because she had scored such a great role in the Marvel series, she couldn’t bear to keep it to herself.  Hailee further told that she is highly honoured to be a part of the MCU family and being connected in a way to all previous MCU stars. When questioned about the character, Hailee didn’t reveal a lot of details, but she did tell to a tabloid that the character she’s playing is “an incredible character”.


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