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Greta Gerwig opens up on a possible Barbie sequel with Ken-centric plot! Fri December 08th, 2023
Greta Gerwig opens up on a possible Barbie sequel with Ken-centric plot!
The recent Barbie blockbuster's creative director, Greta Gerwig, has tantalized fans with the prospect of a sequel that centers on Ken. When asked if there will ever be a Ken-focused film, Gerwig remained evasive but made some vague allusions in a recent 60 Minutes interview. The popularity of Barbie, which starred Ryan Gosling as Ken, has aroused interest in extending the Barbie movie universe. Let's examine the clues Greta Gerwig left us with and the possible plot of a Ken-focused follow-up.
Barbie's creative director, Greta Gerwig, has raised eyebrows with the idea of a spinoff focusing on Ken, the renowned doll's companion. When questioned recently on 60 Minutes about the possibility of a Ken-centric film, Gerwig intriguingly responded, “I mean the truth is, you know.. I guess we’ll see.” Her remark has sparked conjecture regarding the next developments in the Barbie universe, even though nothing has been confirmed.
When Gerwig disclosed that a ton of material was written specifically for Ken during the filming of Barbie but wasn't included in the final draft, it stoked even more rumors about a Ken sequel. “We had too much material for Ken. We would write, write, and write,” she shared, leaving fans wondering about the untapped potential for Ken’s character.


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