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Deepika Padukone recalls her negative experiences in Hollywood! Thu October 06th, 2022
Deepika Padukone recalls her negative experiences in Hollywood!
Recently in a media chat, Deepika Padukone disclosed the reason why she was never seen in Hollywood films after xXx: Return of Xander Cage.
The Om Shanti Om actress also spoke about her negative experiences in Hollywood. She revealed, “You are the scientist. You are a computer geek. You are the taxi driver. You are the therapist. You are the owner of a convenience store. I’ve had my fans ask me why I’ve not done more [global] movies. But that’s not what I’m settling for, because I am — and we are — so much more than that. It would upset me every time I went to the US. Some of the things that are said and some of the things that are done just [make it] so obvious that people don’t know the world outside of the world that they live in.”
She remembered an incident that made her upset and revealed, “I know this actor… I met him at this Vanity Fair party, and he said ‘Hey by the way, you speak English really well.’ I didn’t even realise what that meant. And when I came back I said, ‘What do you mean you speak English really well?’ Did he have this notion that we don’t speak English?’”
On the film front, she will next be seen in Pathaan starring Shah Rukh Khan.


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