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Vicky Kaushal to reveal why he hasn't worked with his wife Katrina Kaif! Thu September 21st, 2023
Vicky Kaushal to reveal why he hasn't worked with his wife Katrina Kaif!
Since their December 2021 wedding in Rajasthan, Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif have been seen as a loving and compatible couple. The actors don't mind engaging in some light PDA and are frequently spotted posting romantic photos of themselves together. Movie buffs are frequently intrigued by the two ace Bollywood actors' lovey-dovey photos and wonder how fantastic it would be if they worked on a film. Vicky recently explained in an interview the reason he and his wife Katrina had never appeared onscreen together in a film before.
Vicky Kaushal spoke openly about the subject in an interview with a tabloid, admitting that he is aware that people are keen to see Katrina and him work together on a film. Unfortunately, they haven't yet struck a deal for such a movie. The actor explained that they're looking for something they can both relate to when asked what's keeping them from doing it.
He revealed, “I and Katrina are looking for something that we both can connect with and I am aware of the curiosity around us, but just because of that we won’t sign a film or anything. We will only work on something that really hits us and we too are waiting for something like that to come by.”
Vicky was once asked in an interview what kind of movie he and his wife Katrina would like to star in. When asked this question, the Govinda Naam Mera actor responded by saying as “I keep saying that is if we get any film, the characters should be such that we’re playing to our strengths where I’ll be the silent guy, you be the talkative person and we’re coming together. So, I think we will go in sync with what works for us.”


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