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Sudha Kongara opens up about Akshay Kumar starrer Sarfira! Thu July 11th, 2024
Sudha Kongara opens up about Akshay Kumar starrer Sarfira!
Director Sudha Kongara, who has won two National Awards, is getting ready for the debut of her highly anticipated movie Sarfira, which stars Paresh Rawal, Radhikka Madan, and Akshay Kumar in the lead parts. On July 12, 2024, the film opens in theaters. The movie's advance tickets are now available.
In an extensive media chat, Sudha Kongara discussed a variety of topics, including her next movie, working with Radhikka Madan and Akshay Kumar, Suriya and her national award-winning film Soorarai Pottru, the sociocultural disparities between Indian audiences, the competition between theatrical and digital media, her favorite recent releases, and more.
She was first questioned about why she considered producing her National Award-winning movie Soorarai Pottru again in Hindi before Sarfira's release, given that the Hindi-dubbed version of the movie, Udaan, is already accessible to see online. In response, the renowned director stated that she would rather viewers watch Soorarai Pottru with subtitles than Udaan since the Hindi version that has been dubbed is not at all what she had in mind. After watching the first ten minutes of Udaan, which were cut very differently from the original, she came to that opinion. She emphasized that Sarfira, because it is designed with them and their socio-cultural sensibilities in mind, is the greatest choice for native Hindi speakers.
whether Sudha Kongara was questioned about whether she had considered making her National Award-winning movie with Akshay Kumar in Hindi, she said that the idea had not occurred to her at first, and that Soorarai Pottru had not yet won the National Award. Rahul Nanda, a mutual acquaintance, watched it as soon as it was available digitally and was enthralled. He requested that she direct the Hindi version of the movie, and when he revealed that Akshay Kumar was interested in playing the lead role, she realized she had no choice. She acknowledged spending a year and a half working on Sarfira's script.
Sudha expressed her admiration for Akshay Kumar's groundedness. She claimed that the actor waited on the sets long after his shot was completed rather than getting into his vanity van. He had a major role in the entire undertaking.

Sarfira opens on July 12, 2024, at a theater near you.
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