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Mrunal Thakur talks about the toughest part of acting! Fri April 12th, 2024
Mrunal Thakur talks about the toughest part of acting!
Mrunal Thakur has garnered significant recognition in both the South and Bollywood film industries for his work in notable films such as Made in Heaven Season 2, Sita Ramam, Hi Nanna, and many more. She has often established herself and proven her mettle via her acting abilities.
Now, Mrunal joined us for a fun and exclusive conversation in which she discussed some of her favourite and most recognizable characters as well as her past experiences.
In a media chat, Mrunal was asked about the toughest part of acting and she responded, "If you are not in sync, that magic won’t happen. What is difficult is when a movie ends and when you come back home, it feels like a heartbreak. It’s like, I love those characters and I’ll never get to be them."
She further revealed, "This heartbreak is actually crazier than an actual romantic heartbreak. There are days when I am just like, I don’t know what to do. If there’s one character that I want to be, it's Sita Mahalaxmi. So, the most difficult part is to move on, because for me, I have lived through those characters and someone just told me that I need to leave those characters behind, Mrunal. I am trying to do so, and that is the toughest part."
The actress from Jersey went on to discuss her career to date, including her hardships and rejections. Mrunal told, "I want to say thank you to all the people who rejected me, because that made me realize that I was not good enough then. But because I got rejected, I made myself good enough now. So, in my head, I was like something wasn’t there in me then."
The actress went on to add, "I would be lying if I said that I am not a competitor, I am. I want to learn, and there is nothing wrong with you; it's just the qualities that we lack for a character at a particular time. I want to thank all filmmakers because rejection is so important and it makes you who you are."


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