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Thugs Of Hindostan


In 1795, British East India Company is strengthening its foothold in India trying colonize Indian kingdoms by hook or by crook and this sets the premise of the year’s major movie Thugs of Hindostan but this film is not as per viewers’ expectations.
As per story, British officer Clive, is a tyrant and he desires to capture Mirza Sikander Beig’s Raunakpur. He kills him and his family but, his young daughter Zafira escapes death as Mirza’s loyalist, Khudabaksh whisks away the little princess. 11 years pass by and we meet the thug of all thugs, Firangi Malla, a greedy, who betrays anybody and everybody just to make a few extra bucks. In the meantime, Khudabaksh and Zafira have formed a strong army and have started the idea of Azad (freedom).
British Army takes Firangi’s help to know Khudabaksh and his army’s locations and what happens then forms the rest of the plot. The story is very foreseeable and stereotypical.
As per the performances, Aamir Khan is an excellent entertainer is a fact that we all are aware of and while he does liven up the dreary film with his charming appearance. Amitabh Bachchan is an excellent actor and his Khudabaksh looks overburdened by the weight of his armour and his sword. Khudabaksh is a tough soldier and a man of principles. Big B adds a lot to his character with his baritone and intense look. Katrina Kaif is looking gorgeous as Suraiyya but sadly nothing to do more. Her role is an extended cameo as she has just one or two scenes along with two dance numbers.
Fatima Sana Shaikh is essaying Zafira, a capable archer trained by Khudabaksh himself. Fatima has a meatier role than Katrina, but it is an average one.
The screenplay is too feeble and unable to engage viewers. Vijay Krishna Acharya has written and directed the movie and therefore he is only to be blamed for this huge chaos. The movie has been mounted on a grand scale but even then, it’s not visually appealing. The get-ups and the props however are good but we were left a tad bit frustrated by the action scenes. The movie neither thrills nor gives you an adrenaline rush.
The dialogues are ordinary and while the songs are good, the background score is also an average one. The makers have left scope for a sequel.
Overall, it is an average film with Aamir Khan’s delightful presence.


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