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Judwaa 2


David Dhawan’s hilarious films ruled the ’90s. Logic has never been an essential part of David Dhawan movies and it’s no different in Judwaa 2 that features his own son and famous actor Varun Dhawan, who pulls this double role with so much ease. Judwaa that released in 1997 became a huge hit back then for the obvious reasons of Salman Khan’s double role, perfect comic timing and the peppy music. But, Judwaa 2 is an absolute reboot of the first one.
Film Judwaa 2 is not a remake of the 1997 hit Judwaa starring Salman Khan in a double role, but a reboot of the same tale with Varun Dhawan essaying Prem and Raja. We were keen on seeing how close Varun Dhawan gets to Salman Khan in Judwaa 2. He doesn’t disappoint. The movie also entertains us with new vigour and madness.
Film Judwaa 2 is about a pair of twins born to a rich businessman (Sachin Khedekar), who are separated right after birth when Charles (Zakir Hussain), a criminal takes one twin as a hostage to escape from the police. Believing that the twin is dead, the parents take their surviving son and move to London.
Years later, the stage is set for a comedy of errors when local tough Raja (Varun Dhawan) lands up in London to escape a goon's vengeance and is mistaken for the meek and mild-mannered Prem (Varun Dhawan). What happens next forms the rest of the story.
Varun Dhawan is unquestionably a reigning star. Not even for a second will you miss Salman on screen. His coyness as Prem and flamboyance as Raja are too good. Varun is seen in a double role for the first time and it is quite obvious that he is having the time of his life. Though Varun indulges in a lot of madness, he seems to enjoy himself so much that you can’t help but smile indulgently at his antics. He dances well and mimics almost everyone in the industry so damn well in the movie. His action sequences are whistle worthy. He depicts two different roles with so much conviction, especially when he knew that people will compare him with Salman. He emerges as a winner.
Taapsee Pannu offers nothing more than some glam factor. She tries too hard to look hot. Jacqueline Fernandez is piping hot in the role of Karisma Kapoor. She does her part well as a blonde diva. She is effortlessly beautiful in the film and no one could have done this role better.
Anupam Kher, Johny Lever, Atul Parchure and Rajpal Yadav are good with their comic timings. The film also has a cameo by Salman Khan, but we feel the scene could have been handled better.

Recreating Oonchi Hai Building and Tan Tana Tan songs was a huge risk for the makers. With a slight change in their lyrics and added beats, the songs will surely catch your attention with the lead cast dancing to them.
If you have seen the original Judwaa, you will greatly enjoy the reboot as it will unquestionably bring back memories of the original movie as many iconic scenes have been repeated in this movie. Film Judwaa 2 is full of madness but nevertheless, it is such an enjoyable fare that you will find yourself in a forgiving mood with regards to it. The reboot has also reinvented two iconic songs from the original, but honestly, the remake version is not as foot-tapping as the one to which Salman had danced with Karisma Kapoor and Rambha years back.
Overall, Judwaa 2 is worthy to watch once due to its entertainment quotient and Varun Dhawan’s hilarious double act.


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