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Hindi Medium


Movie Hindi Medium comes at a suitable time, and shines a light on the near-insurmountable barrier that language, the knowing of one, the not knowing of another, can be. As we see Chandni Chowk businessman Raj Batra and his wife Mita struggle to get their daughter into the best schools, where the parents have to pass the entrance to the nursery test first before anything else. Irrfan Khan delivers a fine performance in this film which puts the difference between Bharat and India in sharp focus. Pakistani actor Saba Qamar gets some moments too. Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan, mostly known for his edgy and intense acts, made us fall in love with him for his rib-tickling timing in Shoojit Sircar's Piku and the man is back to do the same again with his next Hindi Medium.
Film Hindi Medium is all about India's obsession with the English language. The story of Raj Batra (Khan) and his wife Meeta (Saba Qamar), a couple from Chandni Chowk, who want their daughter to study in a 'posh' school. When Raj and Meeta decide to get their daughter in one of the leading schools of South Delhi, their decision leads to a series to funny consequences as the family shifts to Vasant Vihar to be a part of the 'class crowd' and then to a humble home in order to get their daughter in the school through a quote reserved for the have-nots. How the couple manages to do this is what the movie is all about.
Irrfan, who has a great sense of humour, is too good in the movie and it's a sheer delight to see him as the Chandni Chowk ka 'jugaadu' businessman, who will lie, bribe, cheat and do whatever it takes to ensure that his daughter gets the best education possible. Pakistani actress Saba, who makes her Bollywood debut with this movie, is inspirational and has a decent sense of humour. The two actors have a great chemistry and their mockery is one of the highlights of the movie. Deepak Dobriyal has a small role, but the man yet manages to make you laugh and bring a lump to your throat with natural ease. Tillotma Shome and Amrita Singh, who too have small roles, manage to shine with their acts.
As for the movie, the first half is sincerely funny and manages to send across a message about our obsession with the English language without being too preachy about it. Serving a serious issue with a dose of humour is always a delicate affair, but Saket has done great job with commendable efforts.
But, on the other side, the second half gets slightly overdramatic, passé and foreseeable. The songs of the movie are an average affair. But the movie does have its heart in the right place and so it is easy to neglect such errors.
Overall, film Hindi Medium is worthy to watch for its enjoyable satire and comic quotients.


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