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Bollywood is like a dust-bin, says Saif Ali Khan! Fri October 12th, 2018
Bollywood is like a dust-bin, says Saif Ali Khan!
Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan is essaying an unscrupulous business tycoon named Shakun Kothari in forthcoming financial thriller Baazaar.  About how Bollywood celebs are easy targets for people, Saif clarified, “People say that this one did this, this one did that and the public is happy. Bollywood is like a dustbin… You need people to blame but the real people who should be blamed are the ones who are stealing your money.”
He further added, “We want less corruption, less scams. We have a very honest line of work… We try to make films, we try to sell films. Most of the times the press catches the movie stars to make examples of. You should catch these guys and lambast them every day. We are small people. The big game is happening somewhere else. We don’t know what the game is.”


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